4 Anti-Aging Products Vital for Skin Care

In 1513 Juan Ponce de León set off to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth, and although he came up with nothing but rumors and legends, it is a safe assumption that if the Spanish explorer was in our time today he would be quite content with some of the amazing anti aging products that take decades off our faces. From vanishing dark circles under the eyes to eliminating wrinkles and sunspots, many of today’s anti-aging products provide the gold standard in youthful skin care.

Anti-Aging Products with Lumixyl

Lumixyl is a peptide designed and tested by Envy Medical and Stanford University that improves the appearance of age spots, uneven skin tone, sun spots and skin discoloration.  One popular product that significantly restores glowing youth are anti-aging products for the eyes designed to hydrate the delicate skin under and around the eyes while diminishing dark circles and improving tone. Revitaleyes is an all-in-one eye cream that reduces the signs of aging that hover around the eye. The product is professional strength and not only helps reduce wrinkles but also protects against new ones forming.

Retinol Serum

Retinol serums are a great source for reversing the signs of aging. When applied and massages onto the skin new cells are stimulated to go into production. When this happens dark spots often fade as do blemish scars. There are prescription-strength retinoids doctors administer to treat acne that also have anti-aging benefits, but most high-quality med spas or skin care product providers offer creams and serums with retinol that will get the job done without having to make a trip to the doctor.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum should be a step in any skin care regimen. Just beware of cheap oil-based knockoffs. High-quality vitamin C serums are synergistic high-concentration antioxidants that help the skin’s absorption while aiding in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and skin discolorations. Vitamin C serum also helps promote collagen and brightens the skin by interfering with pigment production and discouraging inflammation.

Facial Moisturizers

There are a number of facial moisturizers on the market that claim to have anti-aging benefits such as wrinkle reduction and skin-tightening. But do they really reduce the signs of aging? According to a study conducted by University of Maryland Medical Center, facial moisturizers can help hydrate the face and prevent bruising or tearing but do not prevent wrinkles from forming. However, if you buy moisturizer creams with known anti-aging elements it may be able to help fight wrinkles while hydrating the skin. Moisturizers containing estrogen have tested well, as do moisturizing products with retinol.

Other Ways to Look Young

You can spend hundreds on the top med spa and skin care products, but if you engage in various activities you may be wasting your money and energy. Prolonged exposure to the sun will age you, so try to use sunblock if you plan on being outside for more than 30 minutes. Smoking, regularly consuming alcohol, and eating fried foods also aids in speeding up the face’s aging process. Lack of sleep is also a culprit; the experts say that eight hours of sleep is ideal. There are a number of great anti-aging skin care products out there that can work wonders, but if you continuously engage in routines known to age the skin, your results will likely be miniscule.